Our History

This page is a ‘work in progress.’

The present Sacramento Modular Railroaders, Inc. club was formed by a group that split off from an earlier Sacramento region model railroading club called “Rails and Railettes” that was affiliated with the Sierra Division of the National Model Railroading Association (NMRA). Several of the original members of SMR were members of “Rails and Railettes” and participated in early Railfairs (public shows) put on at Sacramento City College.

A ‘clinic’ at one of these early Railfairs was where the idea to form a modular model railroad club was first conceived. Several “Rails and Railettes” members, along with others who had an interest in modular railroading, went on to form the Sacramento Modular Railroaders, Inc. circa 1978.

The Sacramento Central lettering and logo was created by Bill Anderson and several of the original club members. The logo was patterned after the B&O logo and the California state capital’s dome. The original logo and lettering are still in use.

Club operating sessions were held at various locations over the years. At least one early session was held in the cafeteria of the old Curtiss Park Elementary School.